Your Home Should Understand You, Not The Other Way Around.

Welcome to Sentient Systems, where we craft home automation systems that truly cater to your lifestyle. With over two decades of experience in the industry, we're not just another home automation company – we're the experts in custom programming.

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For Discerning Homeowners

Discover Tailored Home Automation

In a world where turnkey solutions are becoming the norm, Sentient Systems remains steadfast in the art of custom programming. We believe that your home should be as unique as you are. Our specialty lies in crafting tailored systems that seamlessly integrate with your daily life.

Luxury, Convenience, and Stress-Free Living

Our services are designed with homeowners of discerning taste in mind. If you appreciate luxury, convenience, and a stress-free living environment, you've come to the right place. We cater to individuals and families who want their homes to be a reflection of their success.

Seamless Integration

At Sentient Systems, we excel in integration. We can seamlessly connect lights, shades, entertainment systems, HVAC, and anything else with an API, transforming homes into truly intelligent living spaces.

The Integrators' Secret Weapon

Partner with Sentient Systems

Sentient Systems is not just here for homeowners; we're also the ultimate solution for home integration dealers who may lack in-house programming talent. Partner with us to offer your clients the highest level of customization and sophistication.

Elegance Meets Simplicity

Effortless Elegance

Our philosophy is simple yet powerful: your home automation system should work effortlessly in the background, reducing stress rather than adding to it. When user interfaces are necessary, we create beautiful, user-friendly designs that enhance your living experience..

Reliability and Ease of Use

No more tales of frustration with poorly programmed systems. With Sentient Systems, you can leave those worries behind. Our experienced team takes pride in delivering reliable, hassle-free systems that consistently exceed your expectations.

Bringing New Life to Existing Systems

Reviving Your Existing System

Already have a home automation system that needs an upgrade or a touch of magic? We specialize in breathing new life into existing setups, making them smarter and more efficient.